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The audience enters into the forest

About Us


Our work can be seen outside, in found spaces or converted spaces. We incorporate community members and young people into the process and seek meaningful relationships with groups focused on sustainability, climate justice, or youth.  

Guiding Principles

  • When we make things, we aim for the sweet spot where CONTENT, FORM, PROCESS and VALUES align. We will continually fail at doing this perfectly, but keep trying anyway. 

  • The process is always visible in the performance. The audience is not just watching  the final outcome, they are watching the fact that these people came together to make this thing at this time in this place.

  • Audiences are also participants. Either directly or indirectly.

  • We are all in the same sensory space. So (re)act accordingly.

  • Understanding happens not just through our heads, but through our bones, our bellies and our experiences.

  • After it is done, make sure to clean up and take care of each other.


These are some of our core creators and educators

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