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Production History

Storybike originally premiered in 2006 at Interactive Research Rendezvous in Vancouver. It was re-worked and drove into Ottawa for Mi Casa’s Magnetic North Bar Night in June 2009.

The World's Goldest Pedal Powered Narrative Machine

Hop on storybike and your pedalling will power an amplifier that tells stories about biking. Feel the wind! (thank you fan) See the city! (thank you video projection) Keep pedalling and hear all the stories. This is an interactive installation for those who are willing to work a little for narrative.

Storybike is a great addition to any event. Stories (always recorded extemporaneously) can be collected to fit the mood and style of your event.

Original concept Emily Pearlman
with technical support from David C. Grove
Re-created by Emily Pearlman and Nicolas Di Gaetano
Video by Nicolas Di Gaetano