Spring 2019

 Registration now open for a week long THEATRE CAMP in Almonte this summer. If you or anyone you love is 8-13 years old, then send them our way for a week of playmaking.   Mi Casa co-artistic director Emily Pearlman and theatre maker and educator Lindsey Lambden will be leading the camp at the Almonte Old Town Hall from August 19th - 23rd. For more information and registration, head HERE.

Avant l'archipel, the French translation of Countries Shaped Like Stars, will be playing May 25th at La Nouvelle Scene in Ottawa. For ticket info, head HERE

Summer 2015

Our new show Wolf Child premiered this past May as part of the Ottawa International Children’s Festival.  There were apples destroyed, fake teeth gnashed, an audience escape through a secret passageway, and some pretty amazing kid bands.  


Thank you to our tremendous creative collaborators Karin Randoja, Vanessa Imeson, Mado-Boyes Manseau, and AL Connors whose work contributed to 2 Prix Rideau Nominations – Outstanding New Work and Outstanding Overall Production. We were especially touched by the Rideau recognition because TYA shows are often left out of the nominee category, potentially due to a lack of local resources and young-people specific venues so we are internally grateful to Catherine O’Grady and the amazing Festival support team, who continually invest in the future of theatre by fostering young audiences.


We later pitched the show as part of the Magnetic North Industry Series in June. We are currently booking tour dates for next winter, and you can find more information about that here.


Also – upcoming, get your tickets to see Lénaïque la Magnifique & Brévalaire Spectaculaire in Danielle Le Saux Farmer’s Avant l’archipel  - the French translation of Countries Shaped Like Stars -. Premiers February 19th at the National Arts Centre.


Currently, we are also frying other fish – Nick has moved to Toronto and is making music, working with Bad Dog, and writing the latest draft of his sci-fi puppet show ARCTIC SHOW.  Emily just remounted her solo storytelling show and is working on a new piece with the Ottawa Storytellers. She will be taking some time off this winter to birth a human. Exciting times!


Stay warm and cozy,


Mi Casa  

Summer 2013 - Edmonton Fringe and more


We are writing from the vacation station, which we are still tuned into after performing Countries Shaped Like Stars in an old barn at the Festival Players  in Picton. Prince Edward County is a secret eutopia. Don’t tell too many people.  In this update: Countries keeps touring – come see us in Edmonton, Whale make-over is in process and new show is coming!


Countries Shaped Like Stars has had a busy spring – in April we went to Quebec City to work with director Joël Beddows, translator/performer Danielle Le Saux Farmer and performer André Robillard. Avant l'archipel – the French version of Countries is slated for production in the 2014/2015 season in Quebec City. They are a great team and “cumin-scented moustaches” sound hilarious in French.


Speaking of hilarious – in June we did Countries at the Ottawa International Children’s Festival. Apparently if you ask people under the age of 6 “what makes a party really great?” they will answer “zombies!” and then storm the stage.


Our last stop with the show this summer will be the Edmonton Fringe Festival August 15th – 25th. We have never hit this Festival before, so if you are in town or want to send your distant cousins our way then you can buy tickets here 


Live from the Belly of a Whale is getting a makeover! First off, Nick worked with ol’ smooth sounds Matt Oimet  to record the music from the show. Not multi-media enough for you? We thought so.We were in residency at Videofag  in April, working with the incomparable Jordan Tannahill and will soon have some music videos for ya. We did a two night showing in Toronto of the show at the moment – it entailed songs, stories, beers, tears and an unpacking of

process. Nick is editing away and we hope to be singing soon at a venue near you.


Also, we are very pleased to announce that our January production at Undercurrents received 4 Prix Rideau Nominations for direction, lighting design, set design and new work, and John Doucet brought one home for his wonderful playground of a set.


Collapsible is on the move! This new piece will get a workshop production this December as part of a residency at the New Edinburgh Community and Arts Centre.  Emily is writing the text as we speak with the collaboration of dramaturg Laurel Green, and the support of the Great Canadian Theatre Company where she is the new playwright in residence. Can’t wait until December? We are holding a reading in Calgary presented by our pals at Humble Wonder - August 28th at a secret location email HERE if you would like to come. If that is too far, we are opening up process and having a public first reading with the actors in Ottawa on Sunday September 29th as part of culture days. Check back here later for details.


WINTER 2013 -  HROSES: An Affront to Reason.

​Here is something new for 2013: Mi Casa works with Evolution Theatre to produce an Ontario premiere of Jill Connell's HROSES: An Affront to Reason.  


Lily (the pale granddaughter of a paper matriarch)
VS. / +
Ellery (a sugar miner born underground during an eclipse of the sun).

The sugar mines extend under the paper farm, owned by two rival families.

How to wage a battle for love, you ask?
Well, you must risk everything.

Tiny empires rise and fall,
an untamable cycle,
atoms become molecules become matter.

It’s time to name everything.
H-R-O-S-E. You’re the best horse.

p.s. My family doesn’t die..



Written by Jill Connell

Directed by Emily Pearlman

Set Design by Nicolas Di Gaetano

Lighting Design by Pierre Ducharme
Costume and Prop Design by Patrice Forbes
Sound Design by AL Connors

Featuring Katie Swift and Nicolas Di Gaetano

produced by Evolution Theatre


​After a winter and spring of intensive touring, we are happy to be spending this summer and fall working on a variety of new projects.
Emily hit the road, first heading to Tanzania, where she ate a large amount of passion fruit, learned about rural hospital practices and completed the first draft of a show called Collapsible. Then to the UK and France, where she learned about children's theatre, saw a lot of art, and completed a writing/dramaturgy residency at Caro Petit's in Grenoble.  She also worked as a dramaturg for May Can Theatre’s Wolves are Greater than Boys and directed a new piece for the Ottawa Stilt Union called La Toilette.
Nick spent the summer in Ottawa writing things (with Artistic Associate Patrick Gauthier), building things (mostly puppets) and going on suburban vision quests. He's also managed to produce three versions of The Brad MacNeil - a live, comedy talk show for awesome people who like awesome things, participate in a Toronto workshop of Komagata Maru Project with Why Not Theatre  and improve his basketball free throw (watch your back, LeBron). This fall he is back with The Old Trout Puppet Workshop for an east-west tour of their show Ignorance in Calgary, Montreal and Toronto.

In September, we worked with designer/actor John Doucet on the development of Collapsible. At this point, the show plays with medieval theatre machinery and asks what it takes to really love your neighbour.

These projects are made possible by The City of Ottawa, Theatre 4.669's summer creator's lab, and Theatre Creator's Reserve recommenders Nightswimming, The Theatre Centre and the Toronto Fringe.
Stay tuned for more exciting updates: Live From the Belly of a Whale gets a multi-media makeover! PLUS:  Residency at Videofag in Toronto, Quebec City’s Sur La Toque creates a French translation of Countries Shaped Like Stars,  Ottawa collaborations with Evolution Theatre, the SubDevision Collective  and the Magnetic North Theatre Festival. Onwards and upwards!


Tour is done and we can't believe how generous and supportive the people across Canada have been to us and Countries Shaped Like Stars.

In Regina we ate almost exclusively from the Ukrainian Food Co-op. Delicacies included homemade bison Kolbassa, double-smoked bacon, in-house pickled herring and all the old-timey pioneer oatmeal we could handle.  In Whitehorse, we two-stepped at "The '98" in downtown Whitehorse, went dogsledding and were gifted with moose meat.
At the border to the US we were pulled over on suspicion of drug trafficking and then almost given a fine when they found a renegade green pepper in the back seat. 
In Winnipeg we were gifted with such warm weather that nobody was cranky enough to give us a "Winnipeg Handshake".  In Toronto, we pulled up to do a living room performance in our 1991 van (whose muffler remains tied on with a piece of yellow rope, naturally) and found ourselves attendees at an event where the appetizers were decorated with gold shavings. (Ask us in person about the joke that got told at the Q and A session).

We are so happy with the stories that have resulted from the re-telling of this story and look forward to visiting you all again. Thanks a million to the Yukon Arts Centre, the Winnipeg Fringe, The Globe Theatre, The Wildside Festival, Michelle in Edmonton, Eric in Regina, Dave in Montreal, Heather in Saskatoon, Monica in St Catharines, Amy in Minneapolis and the best auctioneer we have ever seen in Toronto. 
Lastly, Mi Casa was thrilled to partake in the first ever SubDevision event in Ottawa. Our sold-out piece HIDE, was performed in a church ante-chamber and was our first ever stab at a pod-play. It was deemed "astonishing" and "Haunting, primal, INTENSE" by Kevin Reid at The Visitoriam, and The Globe and Mail's J Kelly Nestruck tweeted that it was the first time he had ever felt a wash of sympathy for a raincoat.