critical distance 


performance works by Emily Pearlman

solo. sometimes with others. always with talking to the audience


I think my boyfriend should have an accent...

(and other things you shouldn't say outloud) 

written and performed by Emily Pearlman

directed/dramaturged by Laurel Green

projection design by Anthony Scaverelli


Premiered at the Ottawa Fringe Festival June 2015.

Completely sold out run and Metro Best in Fest Winner.

Remounted October 2015 as part of Fringe Encore.






“An insightful and expertly crafted collection of tales… my favourite performance that I’ve attended at Fringe.



“The show asks its questions gently, but it may take a while for you to find your own answers for them – and that is exactly the point.” - New Ottawa Critics


“A master storyteller… The only thing I didn’t like about I Think My Boyfriend Should Have An Accent is that it ended.”

On Stage Ottawa

“Pearlman is a magnificent storyteller. She’s conversational. She’s blunt. She’s clever as hell.” – The Charlatan



A solo storytelling show about romanticizing people and things that are different from you… while neglecting to note that you are also different from them.

A show for people who are worried about doing the wrong thing in social situations and accidentally making others feel bad…

Or accidentally making themselves look bad.

One of those things.


This collection of stories examines those moments where difference jumps up, and stands between people.

For good or bad. In places you would maybe expect, but not normally hear about all at the same time: touring around Poland with a multicultural group of students and a dozen Holocaust Survivors; wearing Gor-Tex rather than patchouli in the presence of a 24 foot tall burning phoenix effigy; driving to an ecotourism site only to realize the only way to get there is through a refugee camp; or falling in love with different passports in the neutral territory of an airplane.


This show is mostly true. It is hopefully productively embarrassing.